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Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative serves 8 total territories encompassing portions of Harrison, Shelby, Monona, Crawford and Pottawattamie Counties. Below is our map with the corresponding director for each territory.

Questions about our directors or the members that we serve? Contact us for more information!

District 1


Director - Brenda Lundergard

Serving -

Cass, Union, Washington Townships of Harrison County; Cass Township of Shelby County; and Minden Township of Pottawattamie County

District 2

Director - Tim Sproul, Board President

Serving -

Cincinnati, Clay, St. John, and Taylor Townships in Harrison County and Rockford Township in Pottawattamie County

District 3


Director - Tom Bothwell, Treasurer

Serving -

Allen, Jackson, Little Sioux, and Morgan Townships of Harrison County; and Sioux and Spring Valley Townships of Monona County

District 4


Director - Bill Hutcheson

Serving -

Boyer and Douglas Townships of Harrison County and Washington Township of Shelby County

District 5

Director - Jim Sharp, Vice President

Serving -

Willow, Paradise. Denison, Boyer, Union and Washington Townships of Crawford County

District 6


Director - Kent Kersten

Serving -

Raglan, Magnolia and Calhoun Townships of Harrison County

District 7

Director - Randy Koenig

Serving -

Jefferson & LaGrange Townships of Harrison County and Boomer & Neola Townships of Pottawattamie County

District 8


Director - Becky Berens, Secretary

Serving -

Harrison and Lincoln Townships of Harrison County; Willow Township of Monona County; Grove and Union Townships of Shelby County

District 9

Director - Larry Ramsey

Serving -

Entire Service Area (Director at Large)