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Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative’s mission statement is to safely provide reliable electric power and related services at the best possible value for our members.

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative was established in 1936. With headquarters in Woodbine, Iowa our cooperative provides electrical service to members in portions of Harrison, Shelby, Monona, Crawford and Pottawattamie Counties. As a rural electric distribution cooperative, we are proud of our heritage and we strive to provide quality electrical services to our members. The job of rural electrification is never done -- to keep the lights on!

With 1,104 miles of distribution line (both overhead and underground cable), Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative currently has over 2,364 members and provides electrical service to 3,770 meters.

The cooperative is owned and governed by those we serve. Directors to the board are nominated and elected by the membership, giving them a vested interest in the operation of the cooperative.

The Power of the Cooperative Network

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is proud to be a part of the rural electric cooperative network.  

We are one of 905 cooperatives in 47 states providing power to approximately 42 million people.  This cooperative network provides jobs to 70,000 people and has a presence in 2,500 of the 3,141 counties across the United States.  

We are part of the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of America network and we serve you by four core values: 

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Innovation, and 
  • Commitment to Community
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Learn More About The Power of Membership

Membership in your local Touchstone Energy cooperative is a powerful thing. It means you have an energy source you can trust to look out for your community’s best interests, not its own bottom line. That’s because your local Touchstone Energy co-op is owned by the very members it serves: YOU.

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Board of Directors

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is governed by nine directors elected by our cooperative membership.

Senior Staff

Senior staff managing the daily operation of Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative.

Employee Listing

A listing of dedicated employees working for the members of Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative.