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Iowa's rural electric cooperatives take many opportunities each year to personally visit with our elected officials providing them a cooperative perspective on issues important to our business.  Directors, managers, and staff are important advocates to your legislators for a balanced approach addressing energy issues allowing Iowa's member-owned rural electric cooperatives to continue providing affordable, reliable, safe, and environmentally responsible power to more than 650,000 Iowans.

Area legislators know rural electric cooperatives of Iowa offer knowledgeable answers to their questions, supporting issues that could affect your electric rates and cooperative service.

Legislative Contacts

Listing of Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative legislative contacts linked to their sites for your convenience.

Fall Area Legislative Meeting

Annual event before session used as a time for your cooperative Manager & Directors to meet with state and federal area...

REC Day on the Hill

Cooperatives meet with legislators at the Capital in Des Moines to discuss issues that could have an effect on our...