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REC Day on the Hill

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REC Day on the Hill

Over 200 cooperative supporters, including representatives from Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative traveled to Des Moines Wednesday, March 14 to advocate for electric cooperatives. Cooperative representatives met for a briefing by Kevin Condon, Gov't Relations Director of IAEC, to receive updates on state and federal legislative issues. Your co-op representatives then traveled to the Capitol where they met with their area elected officials during a dessert social.

Cooperatives focused on the proposed Energy Omnibus Bill, discussing with legislators about regulatory parity and clarity in addition to maintaining fair and affordable rates. Co-ops also strongly support a utility's ability to recover fixed costs associated with providing safe, reliable service, ensuring that all co-op members pay equitably to use and maintain the electric grid. Many cooperatives developed booth displays sharing various ways Iowa's electric co-ops work to keep electricity safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible for the member-owners they serve.
Photos features Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative representatives pose with Steve Holt, am Iowa Representative at the 2016 REC Day on the Hill event.
Harrison County Rural electric Cooperative representatives meet with Steve Holt (R), House District 18.

"This annual visit to the Iowa Capitol is an excellent opportunity to personally visit with our elected officials providing them a cooperative perspective on issues important to our business," says Joe Farley, Manager of Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative.

Cooperative directors, Bill Hutcheson and Charles Petterson, were there to discuss issues of importance with area legislators; as well as communicator, Jackie Androy spending time at our booth and discussing issues with legislators.