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Concern for Community

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is committed to the communities of our service territory. It may be in the form of installing or replacing lights or poles on a sports field or presenting an electric safety program. We are very active in the economic development side of our communities for the purpose of improving the community and also creating new jobs.

Industrial parks in communities are growing and we work to keep the electric service to those parks satisfactory to meet the needs of those growing businesses. Dunlap Industrial Park is a prime example of our services to those industrial parks and businesses growing or building new so our services need to increased to meet their electric loads.

Tri Center School system located in rural Neola is completed powered by our system and as that system has increased and improved we've made sure our system was able to accommodate their needs. It's not only commitment to community, but also safety, and reliability to our members.

Economic Development

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is committed to local economic development. Our cooperative is actively involved in several area projects...


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Revolving Loan Fund Program

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2019-2020 Iowa Home Energy Assistance Program

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