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Image showcases a shaded seating area at Loess Hills Lavendar Farm.
Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative member Loess Hills Lavendar Farm.

Economic development is crucial to rural Iowa

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative (HCREC) is an active participant in local economic development endeavors. We are committed to the communities and areas we serve, and we contribute and participate in many economic development projects.

HCREC works closely with local area development organizations. Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) is an organization formed in 1985 by Iowa’s rural electric cooperatives. IADG specializes in economic development and assists with projects in financing, securing state and federal grants and loans, and the marketing of those projects. IADG provides cooperatives an additional resource as we work to secure electric loans, create jobs, and enhance our local economy.

Your cooperative also works closely with their power supplier Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) in Le Mars, IA. NIPCO has a variety of economic development assistance packages and they are always eager to work with prospective ventures.

For more information on economic development please contact: Joe Farley, Manager/EVP, or Dave Stevens, Director or Operations/Economic Development Coordinator, or call our office at (712)647-2727 or (800)822-5591.