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Budget Billing

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative (HCREC) offers Budget Billing for members wishing to pay a set amount each month. It is not a discounted program and offers no savings or lower rates. Total annual cost for electricity remains the same. There is no charge to be a part of the budget billing program.

To subscribe to Budget Billing call our business office, (800) 822-5591 or (712) 647-2727; to find out what your average monthly bill is; and what other requirements are necessary. If you agree to pay the estimated amount, you will be asked to sign a form. We do not recommend budget billing for new members as the budget amount would be based on the usage of the previous owner/renter, which may create a very untrue picture.

Budget Billing Amount Review

Budget billed accounts are re-evaluated every 6 months by the HCREC billing department in June and December. Participating members then receive notification of their new budget amount printed on their electric utility bill in May and November.

Cancelling Budget Billing or Closing Your Account

Your budget balance is the difference in the amount billed and actual usage. When you cancel your Budget Billing or close your account at HCREC, your budget balance is applied to your next or final bill. If you're billed more than you used, your budget balance is a credit and will be applied to reduce the amount due. If you're billed less than you used, the budget balance will be added to the amount due.

For more information, call our office at (800) 822-5591 or (712) 647-2727, or email your questions to We should respond to your question or request within the next business day.