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Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative (HCREC) operates on a non-for-profit basis. Patronage, or capital credits, represent margins credited to cooperative members based on their power purchased. Annually the board of directors reviews the cooperative's budget and financial position to determine if a retirement of patronage will be approved. Patronage capital is used to support the cooperative operations until "retired" (returned) to individual members in the form of Capital Credits. Patronage retirement is your share of margins the cooperative earned in a given year.

How is patronage allocation calculated?

Member earnings in a given year are based on individual electricity purchased each year compared to total sold. The sum of the member-owner's bills for the year is multiplied by a percentage determining patronage allocation.

If a member-owner is deceased, what happens to their capital credits?

Survivors should notify our office of a deceased member. Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative pays patronage to estates on a discounted basis twice annually. If you're interested in a discounted settlement on patronage of a deceased member, less any amounts due the cooperative contact our billing office (712) 647-2727 or (800) 822-5591 to make arrangements.