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2020 Harrison County REC Director Election Results

  • Posted: 05.22.2020

On May 21st, Harrison County REC held its Annual Director Elections through a mail-in ballot process. For 2020, Districts 5, 6, and 7 were up for re-election. The following were the results from the ballots counted yesterday by HCREC staff while overseen by the cooperative attorney, Dennis Puckett of the firm Sullivan and Ward from Des Moines, IA.

Below are the results from the cooperative mail in ballot election.

District 5

  • Jim Sharp (Election Winner)
  • Travis Sullivan

District 6

  • Kent Kersten (Election Winner)
  • Ruth Cunard

District 7

  • Randy Koenig (Election Winner)
  • Greg Kelley

We thank our members for participating in our Mail-in Director Elections during this difficult time and we look forward to future events after the pandemic to meet with everyone again.