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Creating Community on Our Lines - A Message from Joe Farley, Manager/EVP

  • Posted: 06.24.2019

You're not alone in thinking that Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is defined by geography. After all, our service territory is easily drawn on a map. But, over the years, I’ve come to realize that our electric cooperative is much more than a set of boundary lines. It’s a community.

In a community, neighbors watch out for neighbors, families take care of families, and we all work together toward the common good. That’s not so different from Harrison County REC. We’re community-focused, and our goal is to efficiently deliver affordable, reliable, and safe energy to the people who count on us. That means if we have to choose between making a buck or watching out for your best interest, we’ll choose you and the greater community every time.

And really, that’s no surprise. Our electric cooperative was built by the communities we serve, and we continue to be led by consumers like you. Even when we work together with other cooperatives to develop new technologies and infrastructure, we always have an eye on our community right here at home, working hard to make sure these new solutions work for our members.

To me, the power of a community comes from the people who live here. People who love where they are, and love being together. I know that all of us at Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative are glad to be a part of your community, doing our part to help it thrive.

We didn’t set out to create a community when our electric cooperative began. But I’d like to think, as we’ve grown and served you and your neighbors over the years, we’ve helped to create one along the way. For that opportunity, and so many others, I am truly grateful.

- Joe Farley, Manager/EVP