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Electric Cooperatives Work to Hire Veterans

  • Posted: 10.20.2021
Row of American flags on a hill

During this month which includes Veterans Day on November 11, it’s fitting that we share details about how electric cooperatives nationwide offer support of those who have served and those currently in the military, along with their families.

More than 40 percent of veterans hail from rural communities. Electric cooperatives are facing challenges in attracting and retaining workers due to a retirement wave and changing technology. For these reasons, facilitating the connection between job-seeking veterans and electric cooperative career opportunities is a win-win endeavor.

NRECA’s Vets Power Us initiative supports veterans and active military and their spouses by helping:

  • Veterans explore meaningful career opportunities within America’s electric cooperatives
  • Cooperatives recruit, hire and honor veterans

This program provides co-ops with access to resources that will help them with veteran recruitment efforts and provides veterans with information about electric co-op career opportunities.

Why hire veterans?
Veterans can enter the workforce with identifiable and transferable skills to help achieve the cooperative’s mission. Their military experiences add value for the electric cooperative workforce because veterans:

  • Have extensive technical, leadership and safety skills
  • Have the proven ability to learn new concepts and skills
  • Are mission-driven
  • Have received crisis and risk-management training
  • Are adaptable and have developed problem-solving skills
  • Work efficiently, effectively and diligently in high-pressure and fast-paced environments

There are similarities between electric cooperatives and the military that encourage this “cross-over” from one career to the other:

  • The military's values align well with the Seven Cooperative Principles
  • Both are highly dependent on advanced technology to achieve objectives
  • Cooperatives and the military are both voluntary entities
  • Both prioritize a respect for procedure, a concern for community and a strong organizational commitment

To learn more about cooperative careers across the country, please visit this National Rural Electric Cooperative website or contact us.