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Energizing Our Community - a letter from Manager, Joe Farley

  • Posted: 10.28.2019

Day by day, it can be easy to forget just how different Harrison County REC really is from other energy companies. But let us make something clear: What makes us remarkable is you. After all, as an electric cooperative, we are led by consumer-members like you who understand and listen to the community. We don’t answer to outside investors who are only interested in using us as a way to make a buck. And this key difference has been part of the plan from the beginning.

We were built by the community we serve from day one, which means that we have been shaped to respond to the specific needs of you and your neighbors. As your electric cooperative, we were created from the ground up by the people who live here and have a long-term interest in seeing the community thrive. Furthermore, if you live on our lines today, you’re playing an important role right now in shaping our future as an energy company. Your choices help us in our mission to efficiently deliver affordable, reliable, and safe energy. Thanks to you, we’ve secured 24/7 energy sources and a balanced energy mix to make that possible. We’re also investing in more efficient technology and cleaner sources of energy to ensure that tomorrow is even brighter for our consumer-members.

During this season of thanksgiving, HCREC wants to recognize our member owners because all these decisions and advances are thanks to people like you. We belong to the communities we serve and we are proud to be your electric cooperative. So sure, you may be used to getting your energy from us, but we love the energy we get from you.