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Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative 2020 Annual Meeting Postponed

  • Posted: 03.13.2020

With rising awareness and activity involving the novel coronavirus‭ (‬COVID-19‭), ‬Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is taking steps now to be prepared in the event there is a significant impact in our communities‭. ‬We are focused on maintaining a healthy workforce‭, ‬providing a safe working environment for our employees‭, ‬and keeping key personnel‮—‬such as line workers and member‭ ‬service representatives‮—‬‭ ‬available so that we can continue to provide the excellent service and reliability that you expect from us‭.‬

Harrison County REC is communicating with our staff regarding controlling the spread of illnesses in the workplace and is taking‭ ‬steps through frequent cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces‭, ‬equipment‭, ‬and common areas‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬all HCREC employees are encouraged not to come into work if they feel sick and reduce the exposure of illnesses to others‭. ‬Employees are instructed to stay home until they are fever free without medication for 24‭ ‬hours‭.‬

Through our national association‭ (‬NRECA‭) ‬and statewide association‭ (‬IAEC‭), ‬electric co-ops coordinate with others in the electric sector‭, ‬the state‭, ‬and the federal government to prepare for and respond to disasters or threats to critical infrastructure‭. ‬This includes scenarios such as pandemics that could impact the energy workforce‭. ‬Through this coordination‭, ‬electric co-ops and‭ ‬government partners focus on actions and strategies that help protect the energy grid‭, ‬prevent threats that may disrupt electricity service‭, ‬and develop capabilities that help electric co-ops quickly respond and recover when major incidents impact the grid‭.‬

At this time‭, ‬Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative will keep our headquarters open during normal business hours‭ (‬7:30am to‭ ‬4:00pm‭). ‬However‭, ‬our 2020‭ ‬Annual Meeting will be postponed until further notice in order to avoid potential spread of the virus‭. ‬Members who have questions about the 2020‭ ‬Annual Meeting‭, ‬their electric service‭, ‬or paying their bill but wish to avoid public spaces are encouraged to use our online platform‭, ‬Smarthub‭, ‬by visiting our website at‭, ‬or members can contact‭ ‬our customer service staff via telephone‭ (‬712.647.2727‭) ‬for additional assistance‭. ‬

In addition‭, ‬HCREC would like to remind its members to be on the lookout for suspicious e-mails‭, ‬phone calls‭, ‬or persons impersonating business employees or charitable organizations‭. ‬Unfortunately‭, ‬scammers take advantage of situations such as these when households are otherwise preoccupied‭. ‬If you get a call from someone claiming to represent Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative and they make threats or demand immediate payment‭, ‬hang up and call us at 712.647.2727‭ ‬or at 1.800.822.5591‭.‬

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative would also like to encourage members who are looking for resources regarding the novel coronavirus to consult with their local healthcare provider and are encouraged to be conscious of exposure to others‭. ‬The Center for Disease Control is the primary resource for all national news and guidance related to coronavirus/COVID-19‭‭. ‬Members can also refer to The Iowa Department of Public Health for state news and updates‭‭.‬