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HCREC has now added a new informational line item to the monthly electric bill

  • Posted: 01.07.2022

New to the HCREC bill is the line item, "Demand Charge"

This will be listed on your December electric bill that is received by members in January. This line item reflects your peak demand each month and will be used, at this time, for informational purposes and no charges will be associated with the new line item.

Why are we showing you this information?

HCREC purchases power from our generation and transmission cooperative based on peak demand of our members. “Peak demand” is the time of day when the demand and price of electricity is the highest.

Because HCREC is member owned, when the cooperative saves money, our customers save money. Using energy wisely and avoiding peak demand times means total costs to the cooperative remain low. The demand reading shown on your bill will reflect a specific time period when your need for electricity (or the amount of electricity drawn by your service) was the highest.

In addition to seeing your peak demand each month on your electric bill, you can also sign up for SmartHub and see your demand under the “My Usage” tab with the “usage explorer” tool.