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HCREC July Membership Spotlight - Loess Hills Lavender Farm

  • Posted: 06.27.2019
The Loess Hills Lavender Farm Located in Missouri Valley, IA
The Loess Hills Lavender Farm Located in Missouri Valley, IA
Loess Hills Lavender Farms makes many different products from the lavender they produce including soaps, lotions, balms, sprays, etc.

Each month Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative features a member from our lines. The power of community comes from people who live, work, and play here in our towns and we want to share the many stories that come from the 2,300 members that we serve. Summer has arrived and for the month of July, HCREC is excited to feature the Loess Hills Lavender Farm for our monthly membership spotlight.

One of the many lavender plants at Loess Hills Lavender Farm

The Loess Hills Lavender Farm was created in 2009 by owners Tim and Mary Hamer. After their visit to lavender fields in Washington, they were motivated to begin their own adventures growing and producing lavender. In 2011, Loess Hills Lavender Farm expanded and their gift shop was now open and it would soon be home to the work of over 50 local artisans. In 2014, Tim and Mary faced mother nature head on as that winter had killed over 90% of their lavender crop. But this setback didn't stop them from continuing their pursuit of their dream. Loess Hills Lavender was able to transplant from greenhouses to replace what was lost and continue with production. Fast forward to today, Tim and Mary have over 2000 lavender plants on their 13 acre farm and have a goal to maintain over 5000. They produce products such as balms, lotions, soaps, sprays, shower and bath gel, and many more. In addition, Loess Hills Lavender Farm hosts many special events including American High Tea's, the Month of the Butterfly, Bloom and Harvest and many more. Tim and Mary also recently added on to their farming operation with the creation of the event room, which can host small weddings, family gatherings, parties etc. When asked about her favorite part of the farm, "Good things are growing here, we really enjoy being able to provide a place of peace and rejuvenation for people to come and relax." Loess Hills Lavender Farm has also been inspiration to other Iowans looking to start Lavender Fields of their own. Tim and Mary truly enjoy getting to meet their customers, some of whom have traveled as far as India or China to come and visit, while other customers are local residents from down the road.

Thank you Tim and Mary Hamer, and the Loess Hills Lavender Farm for being a valued member of Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative!