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In the New "Normal", HCREC is Here for You

  • Posted: 05.26.2020

Harrison County REC is built by the members we serve. Our commitment to community is the driving force behind our leadership decisions and goals to help improve the lives of our members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Harrison County REC temporarily suspended service disconnections due to the nonpayment of bills in order to lessen stress and the financial burden caused by the unprecedented event.

We recognize the significant economic fallout from COVID-19, and the direct connection to the wellbeing of Harrison County REC and the communities we serve. Not-for-profit co-ops such as HCREC, have no shareholders and routinely return excess revenues to our members. Nationwide, the pandemic is projected to cost electric cooperatives approximately $10 billion through the year 2022 according to research conducted by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

As we recover and look to a new normal, Harrison County REC will begin resuming disconnections with a past due balance. During these times, your co-op wants to help you avoid these disconnections. COVID-19 was unprecedented, and we know that some of our members might have difficulty paying their electric bill during this critical time. If you have missed payments, have a past due balance, or are unable to pay your current bill, we strongly encourage you to call our office at 712.647.2727 prior to June 1, 2020 to make individual arrangements with our staff to better suit your financial situation. Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is here to serve you, our members, as we all look to a brighter future and to our new normal.

HCREC is here to help!

Want to reach out to us about your electric bill? Our office staff would love to work with you and make a personalized payment plan.