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Is it time to refresh our cooperative name? We want to hear from you!

  • Posted: 07.07.2022

Is our cooperative ready to revitalize our image?
Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative was formed in 1936 by fourteen farmers with a goal to bring rural residents of Harrison County the one thing they needed to make their way of life easier: power. And so began Harrison County Rural Electric Association. Fast forward two years and 200 members later, the poles were raised, the wires were strung, and our long-standing history of providing safe and reliable electricity began.

In 1956, our organization made the decision to change Harrison County REA to Harrison County REC. Incorporating the word “Cooperative” into our name helped to focus on what our co-op was truly about: our members. Being a cooperative means that everything we do is for the benefit of the members who built us and use our power every day.

Today, we continue to maintain our high standard of reliability and safety while embracing the opportunities ahead. It is with the future of our electric cooperative in mind, that we are excited for the possibility to revitalize our brand image and refresh our cooperative name. Just like in 1956, when we wanted to embrace the cooperative difference, this rebranding experience will fully encompass our mission of service.

Why is it time for change? Adapting and changing to meet member needs is what we have always done. Our cooperative is always looking to explore ways to meet the ever-evolving energy landscape including: introducing a load management program in 1985 to conserve energy during peak times, becoming one of the first utilities in the area to introduce dial-up internet to the area in 1995, providing the Power Cost Adjustment for member bills in 2008 to stabilize rates, installing automatic metering in 2014, expanding into our new building in 2015, constructing our community solar garden in 2017, and the introduction of a drone program in 2021.

Our primary objective is and always will be about being your premier power supplier and adhering to the seven cooperative principles from which all cooperatives around the world operate. Part of our tried and true success comes from our ability to adapt to the needs of our service territory. Your cooperative has grown beyond our original goal of just providing electricity to our members and has expanded our services to support a variety of functions such as providing economic development support for members of our community to grow their businesses and fund expansion. While we are proud of our foundational roots, we are also proud to serve beyond the borders of Harrison County including portions of Monona, Crawford, Shelby, and Pottawattamie counties. Currently, our name and our brand does not reflect the entirety of our membership. We firmly believe that our image and cooperative name should reflect those we serve, the innovative work that we do every day, and the mission and goals of our organization.

The investment for each membership to revitalize our brand, and change our name is less than $12. While we are looking to update our name, our mission to safely provide reliable electric power and related services at the best possible value to our members will remain solid.

Before we begin deliberating on this decision, we want to hear from you, our member. Members can complete and submit their survey responses in the options located below including print and online.

We believe in the power of continuous improvement, and it is with excitement that we look to the future of our cooperative.

Complete our Survey!

We want to hear from you! Members can print the survey and send via mail or deliver to our dropbox located at our headquarters in Woodbine, or members can complete the survey online. For those members who wish to attend the 2022 Annual Meeting, surveys will also be available for completion.

Members must include their account number for their survey responses to be valid. The deadline for survey submission is Monday August 22, 2022.