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Look Up and Look Out This Growing Season

  • Posted: 06.20.2022

Would you know what to do if your vehicle came into contact with a power line? Thankfully, this sprayer operator knew to stay inside the cabin until the electric utility could confirm that the power was safely disconnected. That decision possibly saved his life. If you’re out in the field, keep your equipment at least 10 feet away from power lines and poles. If possible, use a spotter or deployed flags to note safe distances for field work.

Always assume power lines are energized until an authority has confirmed that you are safe to exit your vehicle. Remember - you can’t see, smell, taste or hear electricity and it is impossible to know that a line is de-energized by simply looking at it.

For members who are utilizing spray planes, remember to map your application route ahead of time to know where power lines are located and if possible, avoid them. When leaving the field, consider heights and lengths of cargo or wagons. Many bulk materials can conduct electricity and it is imperative to keep them out of contact with electrical equipment and power lines.

If your equipment comes in contact with power lines, stay in the cab or the vehicle and contact Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative immediately at 712.647.2727 to alert crews and de-energize the line.