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May Membership Spotlight with Duncan's Poultry

  • Posted: 04.28.2020

Duncan’s Poultry LLC began in 1987 when two brothers, Wade and Matt Duncan were tired of walking beans and detasseling corn and worked to pursue a new avenue in agriculture. The then 17 and 13 year old brothers decided they didn't enjoy the monotony of their day-to-day tasks and would rather work with raising and cleaning chickens. With the help of their parents their ideas became reality and Duncan’s Poultry was in business.

For 33 years, Duncan's Poultry has offered its customers quality products and services for their poultry production needs whether that be for a large scale operation or a smaller local producer. This includes a large variety of baby chicks both for egg production and butchering needs, feed, and all the accessories one might need to successfully raise their flock. Duncan's Poultry isn't only about raising and processing poultry. In addition to their standard services, Duncan's Poultry also has the Country Store which sells Iowa made products and the Poultry and Primitives Museum.

The most recent project at Duncan's Poultry is their newest processing facility. With this expansion, Duncan's Poultry now provides their customers the ability to choose between Custom Exempt Processing and Iowa Official Processing. This facility, that has been developing for the past few years, will be the second processing building that provides poultry products that can be sold person-to-person, at Farmer's Markets, to restaurants to grocery stores, or other commercial avenues within the state of Iowa. Today, both Matt and Wade Duncan enjoy working alongside their families and introducing their kids as the next generation to work the operation. To learn more about Duncan's Poultry, check out their website at or you can follow them on Facebook!

Thank you Duncan's Poultry for being a valued member of HCREC!

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