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Tri-Center is ready for the new school year in this month's Membership Spotlight!

  • Posted: 08.25.2020

As parents and kids alike gear up for back to school season, the teachers and administrators at Tri-Center Community Schools are working hard to prepare classrooms for the return of their 700 students from Neola, Minden, Persia, Beebeetown, and surrounding areas.

A new exciting addition to the Tri-Center Schools’ campus is the Agriculture and Livestock Facility which will begin construction in Fall of 2020. This new barn will allow students who do not normally have much interaction with agriculture to learn more about farming operations and raising livestock. For those students who were raised in rural backgrounds, it provides an opportunity to learn more about the business and enterprise side of farming. The new barn will include a glass observation area for anyone walking through to view the animals as well as cameras so that students can log in and view the facility in the classroom.

The students of Tri-Center Schools worked hard to raise over $100,000 to build their new Ag Facility.

Currently, Tri-Center schools offer 9 college credits for Ag courses and the facility will also allow for students who wish to show livestock and have a hands on learning experience with animals, to have a chance to do so through the school. Tri-Center Community Schools also works with programs such as, “Pottawattamie Promise” and “Career EdVantage” which offers its applicants a full-ride scholarship to Iowa Western Community College. Students chosen for the program have the option to pursue a four-year degree or work toward a trade or certificate program. The program supports its students by helping them to receive both education and wraparound support services so they will go on to earn competitive wages in fulfilling careers.

Students often talk about their experience at Tri-Center Schools as one full of opportunities. “It’s nice because the students all know each other, so they can hold each other accountable as well as know there is a friendly face if they need it” says Angie Huseman, School Superintendent. Tri-Center uses their campus style of facility to connect older kids with younger kids through student mentor programs and part-time job opportunities including before and after school care and various jobs that kids can apply for.

In addition to the agricultural college courses, Tri-Center students can choose from 10 college credit courses taught by a TC teacher or they can attend over 25 online courses. This set up also provides preparation for post-secondary education as it gets students ready for a campus life after they graduate.

As the teachers, students, and parents get ready for the year ahead, HCREC would like to wish them all a safe and happy school year!