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Energy Efficiency Rebates Program

Effective January 1, 2017

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative “Rebate” program, as it relates to our “Switch Makes Cents” program, is available to any member/owner of the cooperative, according to the following schedule and list of circumstances.

Questions about these rebates, contact Tim Plumb, Director of Member Services at (800)822-5591 or (712) 647-2727 or

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Ground –Source Heat Pumps

Units can be new construction or replacement and must meet minimum Energy Star® requirements as follows:

  • COP greater than 3.3
  • EER greater than 14.1


Air Source Heat Pumps

New construction, replacement or add-on units. Based on the following Energy Efficiency Energy Star specifications:

Backup with electric:

  • SEER rating 14.5; $600/unit
  • SEER rating 15-16; $700/unit
  • SEER rating 16 and greater; $800/unit

Backup with natural gas or propane:

  • SEER rating 14.5; $400/unit
  • SEER rating 15-16; $500/unit
  • SEER rating 16 and greater; $600/unit

Ductless mini split HP = SEER rating 14.5 or greater $200.00

Water Heaters

Rebate for new construction or replacement. Unit must be 50 gallons or larger with 90% or greater energy factor and wired to Switch Makes Cents load control program.

  • 50 gal = $300
  • 75 gal = $350
  • 85 gal = $400
  • 105 gal = $500

Central Air Conditioning

Based on Energy Star rating.

  • SEER rating 15.0 or greater; $100/unit

Window & Portable Air Conditioners

  • Based on Energy Star specifications - $25/unit

Building Insulation

30% of cost, Limited to a maximum of $800/building/year, in addition to 30% tax credit.

  • Qualifying building must have electric heat as primary heat source.
  • Qualifying insulation includes blown-in, insulating concrete forms, rigid Styrofoam panels, and/or structural insulated panels.
  • Insulation must be installed by a registered contractor.


Rebates for Energy Star appliances including:

  • Clothes washer @ $50/unit
  • Clothes dryer @ $25/unit
  • Refrigerator @ $25/unit
  • Freezer @ $25/unit
  • Dishwasher @ $25/unit

Maximum total appliance rebate per member-consumer of $250/year.

Residential lighting

  • CFL, T-8 and/or T-5 Fluorescent Tubes = $100/kW minimum 0.5 kW
  • LED = $300/kW minimum 0.5 kW up to a maximum rebate of 50% of the fixture/bulb cost submitted
  • Reduced Wattage Metal Halide Low Ballast Lamps = $25/kW minimum 0.5 kW up to maximum rebate of 50% of fixture/bulb cost submitted