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Photo image features Kill A Watt EZ Meter for gauging usage
Kill A Watt EZ Monitor used to gauge electric usage.

Kill A Watt Monitor

The cost of electricity is soaring, but you can help reduce your energy costs with the assistance of the new Kill A Watt® EZ monitor.
Simply plug the monitor into a wall socket and plug your appliance into the monitor. The Kill A Watt® EZ will then assess how efficient your appliances really are on the LCD display by kilowatt-hour. You will be able to calculate electrical operating costs by day, week, month, or year. This should give you a clear picture of how much your household appliances are consuming and which appliances may be causing you issues with your utility bills.
Member-owners can sign out a Kill A Watt® EZ monitor from Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative for a two-week period at no charge. 

Reserve the Kill A Watt EZ Monitor today!

Learn more about energy consumption at your site by plugging in a device to each of your appliances and monitoring usage for 24 hours.  It's fast, simple, and free to Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative members.