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Load Control

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative’s load control program (Switch Makes Cents) began in August 1985. The objective of the program is to help members by preventing the purchase of power during "Peak Times" or when the power is the most expensive. We offer a special electric heat rate of .081100 cents per kWh of usage in heating, air conditioning, air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps, water heating, and electric grain dryer heating systems.

Load management is one of the easiest ways for members to become active in their cooperative and save some money on their electric bills. The program assists your cooperative by deferring the need to purchase additional power from external sources to meet the energy needs of our members. Load management programs give HCREC members the power to become partners in the effort to positively influence electricity rates.

The Switch Makes Cents program:

  • Helps stabilize future power costs to your cooperative
  • Reduces power plant emissions for a cleaner environment
  • Shifts the energy used by electric heating systems, electric water heaters, and other electric appliances to off-peak times
  • Saves cooperative members money by providing more stable rates