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Employees and staff have guidelines and training required of all to make our jobs and workplace a safe and healthy environment.  We attend safety meetings monthly lead by our assigned Safety Coordinator.  Our statewide cooperative follows closely in our safety programs, sending a field instructor 6 of our 12 meetings to present the topics of those months.  Crews are required to complete pole-top rescue practice sessions using a manikin of average body size to complete the task.  All employees are required to certify and recertify annually in First Aid and CPR training sessions.  Each month one of your cooperative directors attends a safety meeting to keep the board informed on the employee participations.

A good deal of time and communication between employees take place during these meetings to discuss "close call/near misses" during the current month.  This practice keeps us in constant awareness of issues and our surroundings to aid in avoiding incidents.

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is currently recognized for working 478,499.25 hours with no "Lost Time Accidents" (June 30, 2007).  We are very careful and all work very hard to avoid accident and injuries in our profession.

Grain Bin Clearances

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative guidelines to follow in building or adding to an existing grain bin set.


Iowa One Call 811

Iowa One Call is a free notification service for locating underground lines.

Safety Demonstrations

Schedule electric safety presentations with Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative.


Annually Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative and Basin Electric Power Cooperative sponsor a $1,000 scholarship to a dependent (including adopted...

Youth Tour

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative sponsors one student on an all-expenses paid adventure to Washington, D.C. annually.


Electrical Safety & Resources

This page features resources for our members regarding electrical safety.