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Committed to Keeping Our Members Safe

Avoid power lines when moving farm equipment –

Farm-related accidents involving power lines are always of concern. Farmers are urged to locate all electrical facilities before moving farm equipment.

Many types of farm equipment can make contact with overhead power lines. All large farm equipment can easily create an electrical hazard and should be operated with extreme caution around power lines and underground equipment. Call Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative, 800-822-5591 or 712-647-2727, if you need assistance with raising lines so that you may move farm equipment safely.

Today’s larger farms require transporting equipment to fields miles away. Never raise the arms of large farm equipment near power lines.

Make sure everyone who works on the farm knows the location of power lines and keeps farm equipment at least ten feet away from them. The minimum ten foot distance should be maintained in all directions.

A safe farming season begins with the prevention of accidents!

Call Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative if needing assistance passing under power lines. Large farm equipment is always a high risk for contact with overhead power lines.