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Safety Demonstrations

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Your cooperative is currently experiencing high energy demand. Special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Cooperative lineman & communicator presenting program to School Seventh Grade class, "How We Get Electricity & Electric Safety".

Safety Demonstrations - Available Upon Request

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative makes safety a top priority. We are a safety accredited cooperative, educating our employees and members on many safety issues at all times. Employees are required to attend safety meetings each month to assure we are following safety rules and regulations to the best of our ability in all departments of the cooperative.

If you'd like to make arrangements for our electric safety demonstration, contact Jackie Androy, (712) 647-2727 or (800) 822-5591. We offer this program throughout the year to schools, library groups, 4-H day camps, Boy & Girl Scout groups, Emergency Rescue teams, or any other civic group interested. Our presentation teaches safety habits for all ages in learning the importance of respecting electricity and using it wisely.

Pay close attention to safety precaution signs and markers as they are posted on and near equipment for your protection. Be Safe!