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HCREC's Annual Director Election

As a member-owned cooperative, we host an annual Director Election to give our members an opportunity to elect their leadership and receive updates and reports from officers and management.

One of the seven cooperative principles is Democratic Member Control. This means that we are owned by those we serve. Cooperatives are controlled by our members via a member elected board. By participating in the Annual Director Election, members exercise their right to appoint representatives who will actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. 

2023 Nominating Comm..jpg

The Nominating Committee

Director elections begin with Harrison County REC reaching out to our members for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee, and members may seek election to the board of directors in the district that he/she currently resides in through the nominating committee or petition nominations.

Pictured: 2023 Nominating Committee

Voting for Directors

Each member household is entitled to one (1) vote and no more than one (1) vote which is submitted either by mail, or at the meeting of the members. If a husband and wife hold a joint membership they shall jointly be entitled to one (1) vote and no more upon each matter submitted to a vote at a meeting of the members.

Any member who is absent from any annual or special meeting of the members may vote by mail upon any motion, resolution, or election to be acted upon. Members will receive a notice of the meeting along with an exact copy of such motion, resolution, or election to be acted upon, and such absent member shall express their vote in writing for each motion or resolution in the space provided and enclose each copy so marked in a sealed envelope bearing their name and addressed to Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative. When the written vote is received by mail from any absent member it shall be accepted and counted as a vote of the absent member for the meeting.

Members who are looking for a complete and comprehensive overview of voting with Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative, can view our official bylaws.

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