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Renewable Energy

We understand that the needs of our member-owners are continuing to evolve as many of you become more engaged in your energy decisions. Whether it’s providing energy efficiency tools or discussing distributed generation, our job is to make sure that we provide the resources you need while staying focused on the top priority of improving the quality of life for our members.

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Across the country, throughout Iowa, and in our service territory, many people are talking about options in fulfilling their energy needs. When our members talk to us about Distributed Generation (DG) they typically wish to discuss Wind turbines, solar panels or generation systems. When a HCREC member asks us about making an investment in a DG system, we always ask the same question - What are your goals? Whether it's a rooftop solar or wind generation system, knowing what you want to accomplish is critical in the decision-making process.

Our resources can help you understand the economics of a distributed generation system, what type of renewable energy technology would be best for your property, and financing, incentives, and other requirements. In addition, Harrison County REC has a community solar for those members who are wishing to invest in clean energy sources but might not have the physical space needed or financial capability to invest in a larger project. Your goals for the project may impact several aspects of its design and construction.

Connecting with HCREC early in the process, if you’re considering a distributed generation system, is critical to the success of your investment. We’ll make sure you’re asking the right questions and provide straightforward answers so you can make informed decisions.

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Distributed Generation

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