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Before calling Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative to report a power outage, check to see if your neighbors are affected, confirming the outage in your residence or your neighborhood. If it seems to be just your residence, check your breakers and/or fuse boxes to determine if the problem is your home electric system.

When calling to report an outage, make sure you have:

  1. Checked your breakers first - under the meter and in the home.

  2. Your main member account number ready for the person answering the phone along with your full name and address.

  3. Always give a call back number.

  4. Given as much information as possible. Keep in mind, call volume may be high at the operations center. Be patient!

  5. Other information that is helpful:

    1. Report any downed poles

    2. Trees down in yards, etc.

    3. Any known lightning strikes.

    4. Tell us if your lights blinked several times before going off.

Remember: Always stay away from down power poles and lines. They may still be energized and electrocution is possible.

Do not go near a down power line for any reason!

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