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"The mission of Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is to safely provide reliable electric power and related services at the best possible value for our members."

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Story of Rural Electric Cooperatives

This quick draw video will tell the story of rural electric cooperatives and why we're proud to be member-owned.

Rebate and Incentive Programs through Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit electric cooperative providing safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power to our 2400 member-owners living in Southwest Iowa. That means what is in YOUR best interest is in OUR best interest. Interested in partnering with us and saving a little money? Work with our Member Service personnel to take advantage of the many energy efficiency programs available to our members.

Participate in the Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative solar array program

A community solar array is one that is shared by several grid-connected subscribers. Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative (HCREC) member owners have the ability to subscribe and realize the benefits of solar without the hassle or investment of installing their own solar panels. Participants can reduce their monthly bill and hedge against future rates. They have no added property taxes, inspections, or insurance costs, and they can keep their load control rate. There is no upkeep or modifications to their property. Opportunities are available in our participation program for members of HCREC.