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Meet the 2024 Director Candidates

Updated: May 3

On Wednesday, April 10, Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) will host its annual meeting director elections. Members can vote for their board of directors, with board seats up for election in Districts 2, 4 and 8. Votes can be cast by submitting a ballot via U.S. mail, the co-op drop box or in person at the co-op office headquarters from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. “Living on co-op lines is an investment in our community and its members,” says Joe Farley, CEO of Harrison County REC. “Owned by the members we serve, it’s important that we conduct official business, provide a democratic election of directors, and share financial and operational updates with our members.”


VOTE FOR YOUR CO-OP BOARD “This is your cooperative, and we thank you for making the commitment to choosing our future leadership,” says Farley. “If this is your first-time voting, we hope you are encouraged by what you learn, and we hope you join us for our membership appreciation event in August.” The following is a list of director election candidates and their respective districts. We encourage you to get to know this year’s candidates as you make your vote. Questions about voting? Contact our office at 712-647-2727 or

District 2:

Doug Pitt - Doug is a lifelong resident of Harrison County and currently lives on his farmstead outside of Magnolia with his wife, Heather. He has been a member of Harrison County REC for the past 28 years and served on the board for three years. Besides farming 400 acres and running a cow-calf operation, he has been a power lineman for the last 30 years with Omaha Public Power District and has served on the IBEW Union Board and the Powerline Safety Board. His hobbies include volunteering for Logan Magnolia School’s sporting activities and currently serves as the Treasurer for the LOMA Youth Baseball Organization. In his spare time, Doug enjoys hunting, boating and camping with his two sons, Barret and Bryant, daughter-in-law Annie and two grandsons. When asked what Doug enjoys most about being part of HCREC, he stated, “Being part of a co-op is like being a member of a small-town community. Everyone is involved in making the decisions that will affect the individuals in our everyday lives.” Should he be elected, Doug looks forward to bringing his knowledge of the electrical industry and his small-town values and lifestyle to the Harrison County REC Board of Directors.

Tim Faylor - Tim, one of the District 2 candidates, is a Missouri Valley resident with his wife, Linda and their two girls Catherine and Sarah. He has been a member of Harrison County REC since 2010 and when asked about what he enjoyed most about being a member he stated, “I was never so glad to get with the REC.” Tim attended school at St. Alberts High School and then went to Huron University located in Huron, South Dakota. After college, Faylor returned to Harrison County where he worked with the Harrison County Road Department for 21 years. Now retired, Tim enjoys volunteering for the Harrison County Fair Board, playing Santa Clause for Little Sioux, Magnolia, and Mondamin, attending church at the Church of Christ in Mondamin, and donating blood. In his spare time, he likes to play cards and enjoys driving his father’s antique tractors in area parades.


District 4:

Bill Hutcheson – Bill is a lifelong resident of the Woodbine area and is co-owner/manager of Hutcheson Century Farm in Douglas Township. He and his wife, Diana, are parents to six grown children and are members of Woodbine United Methodist church. Bill was an employee of HCREC for 46 years, the last 24 as Manager/EVP before retiring. He served on a number of state and national REC committees and boards. Bill also was a HCREC meter reader for a time after retirement and continues to enjoy a relationship with co-op members. Bill is completing his second, three-year term as HCREC director and vice president and has participated in numerous training programs offered by NRECA and earned the Director Gold Certification. Bill worked in Woodbine City government for 28 years, 18 as Mayor. He has served as a board member of Harrison County Development Corp and Woodbine Community Schools. Bill enjoys staying active with family, music, fishing, spectator sports and being outdoors. Bill believes in the Cooperative form of business and is honored to be working as a member of the HCREC Board of Directors. He encourages questions and comments from member owners by calling 712.592.2330.

Bruce Pauley - Bruce Pauley, candidate for district 4, resides with his wife Kris in Woodbine IA. He grew up in Woodbine but moved to Logan in the 4th grade where he would then go on to graduate from Logan Magnolia High School. He received his associates degree in business from Iowa Western Community College. Bruce is currently retired, but is the previous Customer Service Manager for Tommy Gate Company where he worked for 31 years. Bruce also volunteered for many years for the Woodbine Black and Gold Club as their treasurer. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, camping at Willow Lake, and spending time with his son Alex and daughter Megan and their families. When asked what he enjoys most about being part of Harrison County REC he states, “My electricity would be one of the last things I would ever want to give up. We receive quality and dependable service for our money.”

District 8:

Curtis Lee - Curtis and his wife Lynnette have been members of Harrison County for the past 27 years. He retired back in 2020 after a career in the computer industry for over 30 years. Curtis now works full time on his farming operation as well as teaching aviation courses at the Woodbine School Ignite Center to high school students and adults. When he’s not working, Curtis fly’s small planes or can be found spending time with his three kids (Nathan, Allison, and Kevin) and their families including his grandchildren. When asked what he enjoys most about living in Harrison County, Curtis states, “I enjoy the people and the small-town environment. Our neighbors are good people, and we all take care of each other.”

Leo Lapke - District 8 candidate, Leo Lapke, along with his wife Dawn live on their farm in Dunlap, IA where he grew up on the Lapke Family Farm. He attended school at Boyer Valley High School and took courses at Iowa Western Community College and Iowa State University. Lapke was employed with Bohlmann Quality Products in Denison for 24 years when he retired. He is now working on his farm with his cow/calf operation and his haying business. When he isn’t busy working, he enjoys playing golf and horseback riding, and spending time with his family. When asked what he enjoys most about being a part of Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative he states, “Members own the business versus private ownership where you have little say in all the activities of the business. As a director, you represent the members of the cooperative.

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