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We’re glad you’re on our lines. The members we serve have shaped who we are today. And now that includes you, too. You’re helping us make this community a better place to live, to raise a family and to enjoy this wonderful place we call home.

Our electric cooperative is much more than a set of boundary lines. It’s a community. Our goal at HCREC is to efficiently deliver affordable, reliable, and safe energy to the people who count on us. That means if we have to choose between making a buck or watching out for your best interest, we’ll choose you and the greater community every time. The opportunity to create something new here, while embracing traditional community values, has never been greater. It’s a passion we share with you, our members, for making our community a place we’re all proud to call home. That’s the source of our new energy at Harrison County REC. 

From all of us at your cooperative, welcome.

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