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Dogs and Utility Workers

According to the American Pet Products Association, 70% of the US Population owns at least one dog. This includes many of our members. While Rover may be man’s best friend, the reality for many line workers, electricians, and other utility employees who work around pets is that no matter how big or friendly a dog may seem, there is always a potential risk of being bitten. Oftentimes our pets can feel threatened by a stranger in their home or on their property and cannot distinguish between what they may think is “the bad guy” and a utility employee.

Because of this, HCREC asks that if we are scheduled to do work at your home or service address, that pets be temporarily leashed, or gated and secured in a separate area to keep both them and our employees safe.

If our employee while working at your residence or service and does not feel safe working around your pet, they may choose to postpone your project until they can return when it is safe. In addition, if we are tagging or disconnecting your service for non-payment or other reasons and it is not safe to do so because of your pet, HCREC will automatically disconnect the meter without notification.

HCREC’s mission statement is to safely provide power and other related services at the best possible value to our members. Members can help us achieve this goal by keeping their pets safe to keep our employees safe.

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