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The City of Neola's Newest Bright Spot

HCREC line crew visited our friends at the City of Neola to install four new light poles around the city's soccer fields.

The city of Neola recently invested in a professional grade soccer field for the Tri-Center Community School soccer teams to play on. Last year, Tri-Center Community Schools were able to host district soccer tournaments in Neola for the first time. However, the players were running into one problem. They were running out of their main source for light, daylight. Without field lights, the school was having to change scheduled soccer games for earlier in the day losing spectator attendance due to conflicting work schedules or having to reschedule games if the weather was cloudy and there wasn't enough light.

Two linemen set a pole in a pre-dug hole next to a soccer field.
HCREC Foreman, Jeremy Jochims along with Journeyman Bryce Jensen set a pole next to the City of Neola Soccer Field

With four new light poles installed at the field at Neola's soccer fields, Tri-Center Community School is no longer limited in playing time for their soccer fields and the teams can now have more flexibility in practice and game scheduling.

HCREC Foreman, Jeremy Jochims "plumbs a pole" to make sure that it set straight in the ground.

"One of the seven cooperative principles is Commitment to Community and Harrison County REC is pleased to partner with the City of Neola to bring this resource to their community and provide an opportunity to better the area that we serve." says HCREC CEO, Joe Farley. Harrison County REC wishes Tri-Center Community Schools and the City of Neola the best of luck as they begin their spring soccer season.

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