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April Honors Our Lineworkers

On April 8, our cooperative will celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day to honor the men and women who work hard, rain or shine, to power our lives and communities. These dedicated individuals scale poles, navigate hazardous conditions and work tirelessly to ensure we have reliable power when we need it.

Lineworker Appreciation Day recognizes their unwavering commitment, often risking their lives to restore power during storms, emergencies, and natural disasters. Their expertise illuminates our homes and saves lives as they swiftly respond to outages and safeguard our power supply.

Lineworkers must undergo years of training before reaching “lineworker” status. From learning the intricacies of the electric grid to mastering the skills necessary to climb utility poles carrying 40+ pounds of equipment, lineworkers not only must learn their trade, but they also spend thousands of hours of ongoing safety training throughout their career to ensure their personal safety, the safety of other members of their crew, and the safety of those they serve.

Despite the challenges and dangers surrounding their work, lineworkers take great pride in serving our members, often stating that their biggest reward is restoring a member’s power and knowing our members appreciate it.

Behind every flicker of light and hum of electricity lies their perseverance and expertise, ensuring our essential services and electric infrastructure operate seamlessly. Today and every day, let us extend our gratitude to these hard-working and dedicated men and women, acknowledging their work to keep our communities powered and connected.

Thank you, lineworkers, for your unwavering commitment to service and safety...and for powering our lives.


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